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06⌇Diamond of Sapphire & Diamond - Lei è -

06⌇Diamond of Sapphire & Diamond

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This classic One Of A Kind piece is our signature five stone design. Layered perfectly with cadilac diamonds into round whites, that frame up the centre emerald cut beautifully. 

Engagement ring or statement piece.

Materials & Specs
  • Made from 18ct Yellow Gold

  • 1.17ct Asscher Parti Sapphire; 5.90 x 5.90 x 3.98mm

  • Baguette; FG SI 3.7 x 1.7mm
    Trapezoid; FG SI 3.7 x 2.25 x 1.64mm

'Style Six'

She is audacious.

"I want a spread..."

In one way or another, this is how the design process starts. 

"...a spread of sparkle."

Our five stone design, is of course, by nature of the volume of lustre on the finger, is a very purposeful and bold design. However, the volume game isn't weak in substance. We will look to pair each accent stone with appropriate contours to channel down to the small diamonds. In the current five stone, the taper even feeds into the shank, with a subtle knife edge.