04⌇Trio of Oval & Yellow Sapphire

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This classic One Of A Kind piece is our signature trilogy design with natural, untreated pastel yellow sapphires.

Engagement ring or statement piece.

Materials & Specs
  • Made from 18ct Yellow Gold

  • Centre Sapphire 9.00 x 6.30mm

  • 6.10 x 5.20mm
'Style Four'

A very classic, and traditional style - this will design style couldn't be left out of our signature collection. 

The approach to nailing these designs is the pairing of the trio. It's a game of sourcing for this design. As it is one of the designs in the collection in which all three stones will generally follow a similar colouring. 

We focus on having very similar size stones across all three. Sounds greedy doesn't it? But hang on, this also means sometimes pulling the reigns up on the centre stone. Going a little more humble for the front running stone and allow the trio to be a similar sized 'bed' of sparkle across the finger.