03⌇Irregular Cluster of Parti Sapphire

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This One Of A Kind piece is our signature Irregular Cluster with a parti sapphire and offset cluster. The partitioning of the colours is made all the more prominent and beautiful by the long step cut by the precision stone cutter out of Perth, Western Australia, Lachlan Jennings.  

Engagement ring or statement piece.

Materials & Specs
  • Made from 18ct Yellow Gold

  • 1.49ct Parti Sapphire, Irregular Cut
  • 9.62 x 5.81 x 3.67mm
  • Origin; Scrub Lead, Queensland


  • 4 x Round; 1.10mm
  • 1 x Round 1.20mm
  • 1 x Marquise; 3.2 x 1.7mm
  • 3 x Pear 2.9 x 1.95mm
'Style Three'

She is unique &.... mischievous. 

The approach; to pair a unique and/or irregular cut stone with a cluster of small white fancy cut diamonds that will fill out a similar size and shape on the opposing side. 

The arrangement brings a strange feel of symmetry to a pool of irregularity. 

We love sourcing unique parti sapphires for this style and always on the hunt for new selections.