05⌇Three Stone of Sapphire & Diamond

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This modern One Of A Kind trilogy design is one of the most unique gemstone central features that we have used in our signature collection. 

Engagement ring or statement piece.

Materials & Specs
  • Made from 18ct Yellow Gold

  • Emerald Cut Sapphire; 9.02 x 6.05mm (1.96ct)

  • Half Moon Cut Diamonds; 5.90 x 3.15mm. FG SI (0.54ct)
'Design Five'

She is classic, but modern.

Our three stone design will generally have a heavier focus on a centre stone that needs no further flare. Something with a unique or beautiful attraction and a simple framing with paired baguettes or other fancy cut white diamonds. 

These are the pieces in which we need to not over cook it, pull back the temptation to 'over design' and just allow the elements in play to do all the heavy lifting. These minerals have been rattling about in the turf for a few million years, which have produced such amazing tones, patterns and unique colour zoning... All they needed was a window, in which our gem cutter has granted.

Now just let them sing. Basic setting, supported with white accent diamonds. Unbeatable.