02⌇Lunette Diamond w/ Half Bezel

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This One Of A Kind piece is from our new signature Lunette Collection, of the unique portrait cut styling.  

Engagement ring or statement piece.

Materials & Specs
  • Made from 18ct Yellow Gold

  • 1.48ct Champagne Trillion Diamond
  • 9.85 x 9.62x 1.96mm
Lunette Collection

"Stained Windows

This again has led us to a focused collection on this particular style. 

We're naming it, the Lunette Collection. Redefining the exclusive framing of 'windowed' cuts..."

(KEEP READING! A must read...)

Individually made to order, in the Lei è studio, Sydney.

Ready to ship in 2-3 weeks.

Customisation options available. Enquire above


"This entire collection feeds off the visibility of the gemstones charm and unique quirks. Whether it is internal needles, inclusions or the individualistic colour patterning - no other cut allows for such clear viewing of these features than the portrait cut. 

With the portrait cuts, the most important characteristic to us was that there was no culet to defuse how the zoning of colours occurs through the stone. 

The perfect viewing window."