What the 'Ancient Roman Glass' says about us...

A few months back, we came across a selection of rough 'Ancient Roman Glass' from one of our rough gemstone suppliers. 

We posted about this on our story, a customers snapped it up quick, for a commissioned bespoke piece and for what I believe to be one of the only precision cut Ancient Roman Glass  stones in the market. 


This particular Ancient Roman Glass design, gave us the opportunity to really spell out what Lei è's brand philosophy truly was and it gave us the chance to frame the two key elements of our brand;

The beauty of unique and natural gems. Gemstones being ultimately interchangeable with 'her'. She is unique... 


Our focus has always been on natural untreated and unheated gemstones. What this bespoke design using ancient roman glass did, was force us to dig a little deeper in the philosophy and uncover the idea of the beauty in the uniqueness of the most 'man-made' and treated stone that we've ever used; roman glass. 

Ancient Roman Glass, as the word describes, is roman glass from the early days of glass blowing. It was recently discovered in a kiln, in a site dig kiln in Israel. 

A truly amazing aspect of this stone are the air bubbles that you can within the centre of the gem. Cast a thought to the idea of this being from the lungs of someone over 1600 hundred years ago. 


Try to suspend the lack of creative story telling, and allow us to just spell out the message of Lei è. 

At the top, our focus remains on unique and natural, untreated gemstones.

We love to push forward the gemstone as the hero of the piece. It's beauty doesn't need to be altered, beyond what we like to think of - windowing into the stone by creating facets to show its beauty.

 The 'imperfections' that the industry have deemed, 'invaluable' have an intrinsic worth build on the untreated nature of what the earth has brewed up for us. We feel these are best left untreated and 'true'.

We allow the gemstone to be framed in the best possible light. We allow her, to be best represented by the design & gemstone and lastly - specifically last, we accompany these things with a subtle design flare that is unique to us.  

Gemstones allow her to be better represented by her unique characteristics. We so often speak with a client who is just describes 'her' to us... She is traditional, she is... and with such a beautiful and unique array of gemstones to choose from, we are able to match her up with 'the stone'. I feel that you can't get that from other commercial stones or diamonds. 


AN ISSUE that we come across, is just the unknown - what is possible and what is available. 

PROVENANCE  is such an important element to how we approach who SHE IS and what gemstone we use. The gemstone has a birth and unique DNA that tells a story, just like your partner. The story of the gemstone... Without having an intrinsic story build into the gemstone, the value is in the design and 'price alone'. 

Which is why we love to encourage customers to 

the most unique is the individual