"Lei è Journal/ey"

What To Name It... 

I'm not sure of the typical naming structure for these things. Whether it comes first, during or right at the end of the planning process. 

But here we are, before the launch and I'm thinking... 'What should we name this thing?'. Not the brand, but these weekly.... blogs/articles/thoughts.

There is good reason for deliberating on this longer than you'd expect, this is why...


In the era of content reigning king, there are scores of brand journals, educational articles, 'About Us' pieces... that tickle the basic necessity of content, without (what I personally feel) much authentic substance or a genuine and often vulnerable chat about their business, product, industry.., etc. 

Secondly, if your interests lie in stories of founders, startups and entrepreneurial journeys, then you'll be very familiar with the format and general approach to story telling that these podcasts, books or shows take. 

There is a familiar beat to the stories. There is a well earned confidence and conviction when recounting the path that these founders or companies took. Absolutely nothing wrong with this, as they have 'figured it out'. 

Allow me to lightly scramble a quote from Steve Jobs and apply to my point here. 

"You can't connect the dots looking forward; you can only connect them looking backwards."

The relevance here is that the storied successes of founders are told without the contextual scrappiness of the true feelings of the time. "Get to the point..." - I hear you saying... 

My point is, we are going to document the entire journey of building Lei è. Whilst it's happening. With the real emotions of the time. Speaking of pivots whilst they are happening. The fear and uncertainty of tough periods. Not speaking from a place of contentment or with my established philosophy on 'how to start a successful jewellery label'. You'll be coming along for the journey and you'll us develop it has it happens.   

SO... let's stick with 'Lei è Journal' as the name, but... it could be also interpretted as Lei è Journey.

We'll be delivering you the latest news from the industry, tips and advice for what to look for, what to avoid and hidden gems that we love. In amongst this, we'll have an honest chat about the birth and growing pains of our brand, Lei è.


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- Rach


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